Clothes make the man

by | Jul 29, 2022

“Last night I dreamed I was living on a farm — and by that, I mean a farm like what you might have seen in 1930s Kansas, as imagined in the movie The Wizard of Oz — and I had to go in to town for supplies, because I had run out of Purina Writer Chow.

“I was dressed plainly, but the other people in town were all dressed in brightly colored but rather absurd costumes, each costume clearly a uniform to that person’s profession or station in life.

“Then I bump into the town writer. He’s dressed in a rave-green tuxedo with enormous lapels and ridiculously long tails.

‘You still out there writing?’ he asked.

‘Yep,’ I said.

‘Any luck yet?’


‘Well look at you,’ he said. ‘You’re not following the dress code.’

Me, on Facebook, July 29, 2016