Gateway to Darbas

World-building is a fantastically creative endeavor, but it comes at a price. In a multi-book series, it can be hard to keep track of people, places and things. So, here are some quick links to information, whether you can’t remember who Hudd is, or what the Fionnans do, or where the hell Beltan is.

World backstory

A deep dive into the groups and relevant history  – Dandelion Children and Valand warriors,  the principles of magic and foundational conflicts.

The maps

A  guide to the known geography, rivers, mountains, cities and territories on maps easier to navigate than the ones in the books, and more beautifully done.

The characters

The dramatis personae in a sprawling series needs its stars and a well-drawn supporting cast. Heroes, villains and those not so easily defined can be found in this list.

Defining terms

In other-world tales, diversity of cultures means novel vocabulary.  The Glossary and Mullaqat Glossary are shortcuts to unfamiliar terms .

Spoilers & recaps

Accessed by passcodes found inside the books and ebooks,  these exclusive summaries recount the action in the Darbas series so far.

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